Here are three happy poems that relate to having a kid. I mean, not about the actual HAVING of the kid, which isn't very much fun for the most part, but just having a kid in general. You know.Jessy

Things That Stick Out of Other Things
(Poem by a One-Year-Old)

Things that stick out of other things
are my favorite. No,
the cat is. The cat’s tail. The tail is. No,
Iggie Pop’s “Lust for Life.” Ritz
crackers, small round moons. No,
the small moons of bananas, no,
my own toes.
Waking up.
Other people’s faces, very close to mine.

The Train of Trucks

We couldn’t believe our eyes.
But it was real.
A train of trucks.
Each car a flatbed
carrying a dumptruck, a bulldozer,
a tractor, a machine.

My son stood and gawped.
He could not smile or talk.
It took forty seconds to go past.
We’ll never see it again.

What’s More

What’s more, my son is a genius.
No, not your son. My son.
No, I don’t care to hear about yours.
But you’ll want to hear about mine. He
no, don’t interrupt. He
no, yours didn’t do this too. He
no, be quiet. He
is two years old and already knows
just everything. Just more than
anyone. He does. He is! He’s all mine.

Jessy Randall

If you've any comments on these poems, Jessy Randall would be pleased to hear from you.