Letters from some Friends # 6.


And how are we to understand
Change without Time?

For now you are below
mere nano seconds,
all the swimmers seeking dock sites;
billions in one giant current
we did not know was there.

Then we must be talking illusions
if change and time are both the same.
Like flowers, the same as flour
resulting in pies erupting with blackbirds.

Change that took no time at all.
If reversed we have a true fact.
The mind with the speed of light

demolished the birds with
flour on their tails and flowers
pecked at the earth.

Poor old Pangloss loved changes.
Like Leibniz proclaiming this
the best of all possible worlds
but he didn’t believe a word

and you see how he suffered,
resigned to cultivate numerous flowers
in his own disillusioned garden.

L. Fullington

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