Reasons to be cheerful

You're not on a young offenders scheme.
You had somewhere to sleep last night.
You're not as wet as a vicar's dream.
If you're reading this you've got your sight.

You look a bit younger than your mother.
You're not in a lift with a sociopath.
You're brighter than housemates on Big Brother.
You've never been married to Sylvia Plath.

You're less annoying than Mr Blobby.
You have two elbows and two knees.
Shopping is not your only hobby.
You do not have Dutch Elm disease.

You have not recently been shot .
You've downed less booze than Georgie Best.
Your food tastes better than Winalot.
You've never been Lynndie England's guest.

The world is mad and the world is sad,
But you're human, and can make a choice.
And one or two things aren't so bad.
So whilst you have both tongue and voice -

Wayne Carvosso

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