Letters from some Friends # 11.



"I always become sooner or later
the things I feel kinship with ,
be it a stone or yearning.
A flower or an abstract idea

And while that kinship lasts
I name the fellow,
Alberto, Ricardo, Alvaro
and some times Fernando.
Over seventy others I have named
and that’s where the problem
of Diversity came in.

Our language begs to know
the real me. And that is
unbelievably strange.

It takes time to live all those parts
to be waves under the ship or
waves lengthened out against the shore.
To be abstract ideas from myths and allegory
or bursting forth from robots on Mars.

Diversity requires man’s
utmost coordination
To walk to the dinner table
without missing a meal
But does not need priorities

Overriding ominous warnings
or the current loves in one’s life.
My third brave part, Ricardo Reis
Would say "You are who you are
when you are there —
and that’s all there is time for."

L. Fullington

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