"Pleading My Case to a Judicial Fruit Basket"  

Your honor, if it pleases the court,
my client, watermelon,
may be a seedy character,
one might argue but no more
than apple who is rotten to the core
To wit: Is not cherry fallen to the pits?
What's more, I have a hunch that
those who have testified against him,
like grape, are a sour bunch.
not to mention,  it has come to my attention
that the authorities put the squeeze
on orange for his confession.
This is a juicy case I admit but I submit,
that I have plumbed the depths of the evidence
and must report,  things are not as peachy
as they might seem to some.
Clearly Romeo and Juliet cantaloupe
And poor raisin has spent too long in the sun.
But how banana came by those bruises
has yet to be revealed, besides,
banana's case is under appeal.  

 Jack Conway              

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