Windshield, Poem Left on Gwailo's*

Doctor Smith, I am disappointed today
when I know that you will spend
your birthday with someone not me.

I begin to understand my position in fact.

All these days I have been finding
my place with you.

I try my best not to romanticize anything,
to see what is.

Don't misunderstand.
I speak not ironically.

Absolutely not.

And I hope my childishness
and frankness won't make you feel bad.

I am grateful for the change you started in me.

I would value it, even if illusion,
but there is substance to the change.

Thank you.


Disregard this.
I have been reading Keats.

Louie Crew
*Gwailo, Cantonese slang, `foreigner,'
literally a `[white] ghost person.'

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