I love to be driven by you
when it rains
and the swirling waters run red with soil
down the edge of twisting lanes
the summer sun
gone suddenly black
through trees met overhead
while ferns and fields
grow strangely greener
in their huddled spaces
as you gear change and break
and turn on the wheel
with hardly room to swerve
should a 4-wheel drive
come hurtling through the flood
the other way.
It's a back to the beginning somehow
with the elements come uppermost again
and the vegetation seeming to spurt up
as you're watching it
but its dark and dangerous
and jumpy with a start of thunder
a swatch of lightning
and yet I feel calm and safe
in this my ancestors' land
through which I love to be driven by you.
And especially when it rains.

Geoff Stevens

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