The Library of Erutan

On the planet of Erutan, an ancient race once lived in peaceful coexistence with all creatures. They knew nothing of technology until an exploration team from Earth, determined to find a new planet to ruin, happened upon them. They brought with them all the staples of life in the universe as they knew it: technology, corruption, lies, weapons, pollution, greed, and self-absorption. They also brought some of the better human possessions: curiosity, inventiveness, independence, chocolate, and religion. But the greatest thing they brought was knowledge. It was knowledge that hooked the Erutans: knowledge and a burning thirst for it that drove them from their rural life. They searched the universe for centuries, making copies of every book they found. They learned all the languages of the galaxy. They translated text after text. They even hunted down cultures with no written language and recorded their tales. They were so busy, in fact, they never created a written language of their own. They were too busy learning every one else's. Gradually, their library grew too large. Huge chunks of the planet were devoted to it. Scholars from all over the universe came, offering new texts and studying the ones there. Mile after mile of the planet slipped away, converted into another wing of the library. Eventually, the entire planet was taken over by the sprawling mass that was the library. Entire families, the products of lost scholars, were born, lived, and died amidst the towering stacks and shelves, only knowing of the outside world, from the passages in the books they read.

Katie Dawson

Katie Dawson ( spends more time in her library than she does in class.