Images by Giselle Restrepo

  1. The Corset:
    Title: Containment
    (Collection of Nancy Knipe)
    Media: Library Check-out cards, gold thread, steel, garter straps, ribbon, grommets
    Corset image (1)
    Corset image (2)
    Corset image (3)

  2. Scroll
    Title: One Million Delinquents
    Media: Library Check-Out Cards
    One Million Delinquents (1)
    One Million Delinquents (2)

  3. Retrospect etchings
    Title: Retrospect
    Media: Found antique receipt book, series of 7 drypoint etchings of optical instruments printed on 50 tissue pages.

  4. Monoprint 1
    Title: Real Hunger
    Media: Monoprint with Chine Colle
    Real Hunger

  5. Monoprint 2:
    Title: Untitled
    Media: Monoprint with Chine colle

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