Stolen Identity

To Be Thought Of
and To Be — go together.
Parmenides said looking at me
He saw there were gaps
To be accounted for
For me to be a Sea Creature
Which he argued
he had never seen.

But Reality is no test
of Truth I have heard it said
And here I am.
Something wrong here,
he mused.
It must be the thinking.

Crusty and knobby
like underwater grottos
I am open to all creatures
of reasonable size.
The others look
through to the other side.
While the traffic of
gold flashes
and iridescent fronds;
Those vicious with teeth
or with curled tails
like pregnant sea horses
All pass through
or under bronze arches.
And those with aesthetic tastes
stop and stare.

It's the label at issue;
a metaphor at best.
It was resolved :
If a sea creature and
standing taunt
you must be in some
rhythmic waters
with word scales of all colors
like poets trying to avoid
prose and be open
to all sea creatures.

Sculpture by L.Fullington


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