Summers were warm back then.

The Son

The pressed steel toys from Poland,
Police cars with colossal lights,

And tiny plastic men,
With frozen plastic frowns.

The Batmobile resurrection,
The Ghostbusters Volkswagen beetle,
Dinosaurs from Jurassic park,
Spacemen - and World War Two soldiers,
Mutant Ninja Turtles - hauling shell,
We were Masters of the Universe.

The Father

Secret Sam and Stan Lee, the world explained in pictures.
Heroes and villains collide,

And cry the behemoth cometh,
To take the child away.

Johnny Seven One-Man-Army,
Creepy comics - from granny!
Secrets of the Unknown,
Tales of the Uncanny,
Pictures, memories,
More real now, than then.

Summers were warm back then,


David Flynn

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