Not Quite Haiku

his self esteem
is now so low
that even in his fantasies

he is neither Conan the Barbarian
nor Tom Cruise
nor Shakespeare

just a snivelling weakling
who somehow gets lucky

he notes with dismay
that on the Eurythmics' greatest hits
The Miracle of Love
is followed by Sex Crime

his girlfriend's expensive perfume
meant to arouse
made him sneeze and sneeze

his hard-on looked ridiculous
poking through his Spiderman suit.

life moved from being just a Big Disappointment
to being minute by minute
acutely painful

he was desperate to sell his soul
for cash and the Playmate of the Month.
But nothing happened.
Where was Mephistopheles when you needed him?

the problem with life
was that God
was as illogical as His believers.

night fell
Mars grew closer than for sixty thousand years
the closer he came to Eternity
the better it felt


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