Cum Laudeus C

I must go up to the C again
To the C and its curve so high.
To the sweep of its cite
And the bent of its height
As it points twice to the words' far lie.

I must go down to the C again
And its soft contoured cry;
Its implored can and could,
To be followed upward, if wooed
Till it crests in a canticled sky.

I must journey forth to the C again,
To its comely, capacious abode
On its wind-swept cape,
Its caprioled fate
A comma, in a cavalier spate.

I must seek out the C again
To drink its near-chronicled fill.
A courtesaned life,
Incomplete but rife,
Open-ended, yet curving toward nil.

Larry Lefkowitz

One reason
Larry Lefkowitz is glad his parents named him Larry and not Lawrence was as a kid he could arrange it in alphabet soup letters on the spoon.