A Letter Long After
(General Alphabet)

When, "in the sight of God and man," we exchanged
rings and "I do's" we took control
of the entire endless span of our twined lives.
From the peak of that moment, we dictated
the plot of our lives exactly as we chose. We spelled out
how we, its protagonists, would decide on
secondary characters, preferred setting, direction -
and most especially
our rainbowed ever-after.
But any fiction
worth reading twists into unforeseen
byways, offering up the least
expected denouement.
Wherever you are,
whatever dark passages have been
dictated by our separate lives,
would you agree we started life together
barely able to recite its alphabet?

Lois B. Hayna

Lois B. Hayna dreams wild alphabets, bold A's and exotic Z's,
in such profusion she must wade their heady current when she wakes.