Going for the Gold
(General Alphabet)

My arm waves frantically
Pick me, Pick me
I can do it.
Here I go.
A - B - C - D - E - F - G
Standing straight beside my desk
Arms down, fingers quiet.
H - I - J - K - Elemeno P
Why are they laughing?
Miss Martin is hiding her mouth.
Q - R - - S
That Roger kid is still snickering.
T - - U - - V
I mustn't stop. I'll lose my place
Look at the board she says
L - Bang!
She has the pointer stick.
M - Bang!
N - Bang!
O - Bang!
You may take your seat.
But I get the Star sticker.

Fran Halamandaris

Fran Halamandaris, former nursery school teacher, alphabetizes her address book by first name.