just this very morning
i saw cloud-white snowgeese flying
far above my head
in a lop-sided "V"

and made amaretto fudge
that tastes of chocolate and cherries
in karen's kitchen
...let myself lick
the spoon, too!

just this morning
i smelled the basket of fresh herbs
that sat in her kitchen,
a spring-scented hug from a friend
sent "in lieu of flowers"

herbs sent to karen...
to karen, my partner,
who can be so solemn.
to karen,
who feels she MUST,
or the world will spin askew.

just this very morning,
i saw her eyes fill with tears
because she has a friend.
a friend who knows her so well,
who knows what she loves,
and how she loves,
and why she loves
the way she does.

just this morning
the world was filled
with birds to see
and sweets to taste
and tears to share
and Mozart concertos
and golfers golfing
and joggers jogging
and mailmen mailing
and Five Golden Rings...

just this morning...
Life was singing
and dancing
and laughing
and loving
for anyone with eyes to see
and ears to hear
and glory be,
i didn't miss a thing.

Susan Higgins

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