Even the Beatles Broke up                                

Do you know how bright is the bright
Of this thing, do you know how

As it hovers before me
It looks as if it will leap forward

And as it is pretending to leap
Forward it is also moving side to side.

And I am afraid to touch it
It looks so burning

Burning the whole room is
Yellow like a Beatles song

And there is John beckoning
Me underwater deep

Deep without a mask
Telling me you will

Be there with your Beatles
Tattoo to help me breathe

But he is dead and
I do not believe him.

And do you know how
Bright is the bright of this thing

Do you know how
It looks as if it will leap forward

And as I am waiting for it
To leap forward I reach out.

And did you ever know
That I loved you

I mean, do you know
How bright is the bright of this thing?

Kathleen Hash

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