The Room

In the terrible light
Of morning, birdsong
Is just an utterance.

Knowing nothing
I feel nothing as if
My soul had been turned off

At its familiar root.
Magpies and blackbirds
Cackle and the room

In which I live
Responds to memories:
Come to me, come to me.

I am not a lover
But have loved
Another whose smile

Outlasts memory
To this point,
The room in which I live

Darkened to a disappointment,
A fallen thought, an improbable
As in the light of day

The moon's face is ridiculous
Like the letters I wrote -
Those letters and these poems

Given over to a personal Jesus
Whose only answer is silence,
Silence and a blackness

Rearrainging circumstance
In absentia as the light trawls
And all dawns mingle

Into yesterdays.

John Cornwall

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