After the State of
the Universe Speech

The first thing on the agenda was
Who wrote the regs for Wind Acceleration?
It wasn’t the first time
The intent was bent beyond recognition.
Wind was to be a deterrent for heat.
The Sun’s regs too immense for revision.

Wind was set up in three stages:
First a breeze for drying clothes.
Second, gusts for clearing off leaves
Finally a sustained wind with knots
For windmills and ships at sea.

Where did this whipping up of forest fires
Come from? Who amended the directive
For rain clouds driven past arid lands
To be emptied on flooded cities?
Someone in the Dust Devil Department?

Heads are going to roll!
First came the laughter and then
absolute straight-faced denials.
Luckily they were interrupted
By advocates for Global Warming.

L. Fullington

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