Where it Hurts

Leggy blondes in micro-skirts
Tend to get me where it hurts.

No Contest

Would you rather go to Tesco
Or have torrid sex al fresco?

HP Sauce

Here is my opinion: what a
Load of tosh is Harry Potter.


Babelicious babes all must
Like vacuum cleaners come to dust.

The Boss who Complained of Inefficiency

A bottleneck, you say -- but stop
A bottleneck is at the top!


Every pleasure of the night
By the morning seems so slight.

Chances Are

The chances are, when this is read,
That I shall be a long time dead.


For a Politician

The final judgment-scales are just:
He built on sand, now turns to dust.

For Myself

Here Andrew Belsey lies in truth
Who wasted both his age and youth.

Andrew Belsey

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