Tangibly Challenged

The rights of the invisible remain unrecognised.
No campaigner has seen fit to defend them.
They do not feature in law or in scientific study.
They leave no remains so history discounts them.
Although you will never come face to face,
They are always nearby.
That bundle of blankets in a shop-front;
That fleeting greatcoat and balaclava.
They do not interest artists.
It is not true that they can see each other:
They sense each other only by inference.
They mate with their own kind since
Their sex appeal to others is very limited.
Their offspring are always invisible.
They speak, but who will admit
Hearing disembodied voices?
They apply for jobs but never get interviewed.
It is assumed that they have not shown up.
Discrimination drives them to crimes
Such as blackmail and burglary.
Many unsolved crimes were committed by them.
When invisibles are old and infirm
They drown themselves in the deepest waters
Of the ocean, and are devoured voraciously
By swarms of blind bottom-feeders.

Nigel Ferrier Collins

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