The Other End Of The Day

At the other end of the day
When the sun folds in
And the moon, pale-faced,
Startles a sky bible black
But not starless, I look
Through these windows
Seeing nothing but desire.

Take your finger to my lips -
I will not be disturbed;
Take your mouth to mine -
I will not be disturbed,
Having walked the land
Of the unloved far too long.

And having walked the land
Of the unloved I know
The difference between
The seen and the unseen,
That familiarity of a smile
That has me wanting
Yet gone now as the moon
Disturbs nothing but air

And I, looking through these
Windows see nothing but desire
Undone and restless whilst
Morning happens and I find
Myself disturbed by sudden truths
Like black amnesias of heaven.

Even unseen you are beautiful.

John Cornwall

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