The Overcoat

The empty overcoat hung in the hallway
the threads just still from a sudden walk.

The dead parent perfume of jasmine laced tobacco
piled in the beggar's bowl, a smoker's unlit pyre cold
a box of used Lucifers, a leather bag half-packed.

The empty overcoat weighted by his absence
the loose sleeves wasted on life's heavy cuffs.
The curled lapel still growing a ragged poppy
the faded paper pinked by hand for ages.

A collar turned stiff against the winter
when a son politely caught his death.
One careful owner's wallet still holding
a golden summer, the image cut to fit.

The empty overcoat haunts the cloakroom
a little shadow hanging father's shape off the peg
waiting for a son to wear. Two ghosts possessing
the same sheet, two shapes cut from the same cloth.

John G. Hall

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