Missing Person

It's rare to come across a person
who hasn't had a struggle to find a way
to overcome the heavy helping hand
that family initialize on life,
though the aim is to make a boy a man
the result is less than suited to this world.

When someone coined the phrase cruel world
it's probable they were the kind of person -
and doubtless might have been a woman -
who finds it apt in an amusing way
that a newborn baby needs a prompt to life
with a slap to breath from a midwife's hand.

As you grow, Mum and Dad, hand in hand
study all the child theory in the world,
they want you to replicate their way of life
yet not turn out the same unhappy person
that they became, and so confuse the way
for our experience of existence as a human.

In school it's open combat, man to man,
you try out in the playground hand to hand
what you later learn to do in a sneaky way
until you become for all the world
a mixed up two faced kind of person
who slips and divagates their way through life.

Adolescence should be like a kiss of life,
you want the girls to see you like a man
instead they view you as some half life person.
As for sexual partners, none to hand
until like Faust you pact to trade the world
to find a girl who might go all the way.

Finally Gap year, a chance to get away
chill on a beach and search a clue to life,
but before you end this chance to see the world
in a jungle clearing consult a local shaman
who'll lay down his pipe and take you by the hand
advising next time round - be born another person.

A man gets by by being underhand,
a way of life, survival in the world,
along the way becomes a missing person.

Ruary  O Siochain

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