The Mysteries of the Spice Rack

At this time of year, at this time of day,
I'm tempted to wonder why thyme's run out
and mint's hardly started. Oh, I could say
I'm not the sort of man to scream and shout

in a clove crisis - I just need cinnamon
to bake the perfect cake, to get a thing right
the Nigella Lawson way. I'm a person
in turmeric. I look for chervil all night.

Oregano sucks. Ginger has vanished.
Life without Rosemary's hard. My hand
tightens round a jar. I only need to twist.

In the Gary Rhodes world the pages get turned
like a play; like a plot; like a plan.
She went for Basil. I only sprain this wrist.

Philip Wilson

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