Closing Time at the Star

‘Time’s up, ladies and gents, persons and aliens,’
and you can tell he’s had enough, again.
He’s repeated these lines with no effect
year upon year; half heartedly trying to find a way
of moving them on, the regulars and the strangers
discovering the late night bar of the Star Hotel.

Hoping, against the experience of his every working day
that one sweet night they’ll down their last and go,
quickly and quietly, with due regard for the neighbours.
If a miracle happened, this man knows, deep down,
his world would be out of kilter, off its axis, the Star in orbit.
He’d spend the rest of his life waiting, breath suspended,
empty glass in hand, for it to happen just once more.
So may be it’s better this way. ‘ Time now folks,’ he calls.

Catherine Brennan

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