Warning: This Poem contains Weak Language from the Start

I don't think anywhere could be more pleasant!
You'd have to be quite boring to pass by
A sight so super and so grand - oh my!
The town wears like a covering at present,
The morning - though it's paradoxically bare!
Boats, churches and arts venues, every place
Lies exposed to sky (and things from outer space?)
Things shine in this quite good air-quality air.
The sun beams quite as well here as on sheep
In old-style landscapes made of grass and hill -
I never felt a calm so jolly deep!
The river goes along, the way it will!
While every little house seems fast asleep,
And London's heart is really really still.

George Simmers

If you've any comment on this poem, George Simmers would be pleased to hear from you. William Wordsworth might not be.