Come With Me and You'll See

What's up School Boy? Junior!
Well, Kenny Boy, another year gone and this year was the last year we get to see Big Pear Joe
What an empty year we are going to have next year
Who are we going to bust on? Jimmy?
Oh! I forgot about Chris
Well, Ken, I'll talk to ya later
Maybe we will go sailing with Chris and we can torment him
Ha Ha
Good Luck with Stroker
Crack Bowl

Jr., (Bart, Brutzki, Puss-Puss, Burt)
What's up Ken-doooo
You're so derfy. You look derfy
walk derfy, and act derfy.
Too bad we didn't have more classes together, but that's alright
lunch and homeroom was enough.
Hope we have lunch together again next year too.
Have a great summer Puss-Puss
Stay a Yankee Fan

Well, it's certainly been a violent year, hasn't it?
Battles in Algebra
Cock-head fights
and much much more!
Well, we've survived
and I hope our Friendship has too
See you in a "World of Pure Imagination!"
Someday Charlie

Ken Cenicola

"Tell 'em what you're gonna tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em what ya told 'em"
- Frank McNabb, who taught Ken Cenicola ( how to write.