8th grade was all about Ian Fleming, the hot spots
where Bond gets the hot girls before he realizes that
she's part of the evil - or after the evil's been
done, and she, baring her breasts on the beach, expiates
her evil deeds by allowing him to have her.
either way we'd take it, passing the cracked-spine volume
around, sliding it under the desks of girls who would tell
on us gleefully, because they were all miffed, because
they knew that we thought they had not a chance in hell to be a
Bond girl, never considering, good girls that they were,
that we had far less of a chance at Bondage.
But that's the way it was back then - our fantasies ruled,
and theirs, if they had any, were simply to wreck ours.

Leonard Kress

Leonard Kress ( still hasn't gotten over his aversion to reading books assigned by teachers.