Two about Dick


he always comes back
to apologize
the next day. he sings
and farts so loud
even the jukebox,
up full throttle,
gets drowned out. I draw
the line at his vociferous
burping during dinner
hour. Getting 86’d,
like a pre-schooler
getting time out,
can really fire
some people up. he’s
one of our best

dick’s pre-dick-ament

he’s sitting at the bar.
I’m wiping out
ashtrays. he says, “I’m out
of beer and I’m out
of cigarettes and I’m out
of money and I’m out
of checks.” I keep
wiping. so he says, “what do you think
of that, sandra? I look up
and respond, “and you’re out
of credit.”

Sandra Doolittle

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