“I died for you,” grinned Jesus' evil twin.
“This painting here displays my crucifixion -
Weep and rejoice - I took away your sin -
Now could you ask for  a more lovely fiction?

“Let poignant pictures of my thrilling killing
(By wondrous artists,  and most richly framed)
Stand high on every altar-top, instilling
Death-rich obsessions...  fantasies untamed...

“Oh meditate upon my agony,
Feel, feel each lash, each palm-impaling nail .
Breathe in my stench of death - do this for me -
Angrily breathe in pain, and then  - exhale!

“Breathe out your anger, pain and hate on those
Who fail to worship me. Start off with Jews
Of course, but you'll not want for foes -
Like heathens, gays or atheists  - you choose!

“Let Death go apeshit!”
While his evil twin's
Eyes rolled, I went to Jesus, “Don't you think
These murders he inspires us to are sins?
Don't you disown him?” Jesus gave a wink.

Jennifer Candy

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