There is a storm of blackbirds.
Each bush has one.
I go to look at Venus
Who tracks the Sun,

Instead, find Smudge in orbit,
Flailing, cross,
Three inches from the fine moss
Below the blackbird’s nest,

So I spend half an hour                    
Sun beating on my head
Weaving rough string to cat-nets
Half-drunk on windblown flowers.

The fiddling squeak of blackbirds
Fills my head like sun.
Come home to quiet: a small world’s end,
The nest of blackbirds gone.

I bang to tell the neighbours
But by the darkening step
The glossy bushes rustle
A fluting yap

Young birds in subdued hunger.
The day reels on, begun
With lift and lilt of blackbirds.
Venus has crossed the Sun.

Alison Brackenbury

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