Returning (excerpt)

 A return to original innocence:
            impossible? Ha!
  Go to the movie theatre
and watch the grown men weep.


    I will return of course as Cary Grant,
someone suave out of Scott Fitzgerald,
           not the starved dog I was

    Tom Wolfe said it:
You can’t go home again.
    But you can return for holidays
    and having some laundry done 

Scary teaching:
   one may return as a rock, a ceiling

             think of the labor of stillness
                        of staying up there
May I meet her again, no matter our form in returning:
                perhaps I'll be a frog king
                        gazing at a sunflower

Lawrence E. Leone and Barry Spacks

Lawrence E. Leone ( and Barry Spacks ( used email to make this collaboration of stanzas (which they call “links”) each exactly 84 characters in length.

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