Melinda Compton

Oh, Melinda Compton, I don't want a discount Rolex!
And Kerry Washington, what makes you think I need a better erection?
Can you tell your buddy Isabel Proctor I'm not interested?
From Marcos Coffman, I could get longer orgasms,
even multiples, all natural, no side effects,
while Raymond McKinney thinks I'd like a 36-hour hard-on.
Somebody named Hoffmann has a bamboo tree for me.
Kimberly Lucan wants to refinance the house I didn't buy.
Anthony Yarborough has some stock I really have to snap up,
but Gertie Baxter's got a gold pick for all active traders,
a fresh new company never marketed before.
And Andrew Shields is probably offering
all these things and more to a million other people
if his new trick can get him past the filter.

Andrew Shields

If you've any comments on this poem, Andrew Shields would be pleased to hear from you.

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