Can't Live Without Them

Trumpeting troubadour!
Vivian’s paramour
wrote her a letter that
made the girl cry,

thinking, “If only were
possible truly I'd
leave the damned guy.”


Higgledy Piggledy
Xavier Kennedy
warned me that Snakeskin  would
always reject

verse in this form which has
challenged young poets since
Anthony Hecht.

James S. Wilk

If you have any comments on these double dactyls, James S. Wilk will be pleased to hear from you.

P.S. On discovering that Mr Wilk had heard malicious and unfounded rumours that Snakeskin's editor was prejudiced against the double dactyl, Marcus Bales was inspired to write this comment:

Higgledy piggledy
George Snakeskin Simmers
Accused of not liking this
Elegant form
Published a few to show
Mongers of rumour
Are lacking in gorm.

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