the poets at the contest drank
              3 cups of wine
        were it tea instead,
   would more wisdom have mixed
              with the obligatory frenzy?

tea: ceremony of grace...
     calming now to sense
       how stars breathe, how we breathe
              swaying like fronds, like fish
                     stirring the  waters.
   to strivers with great appetite:
      "let it settle"; water's still water,
            whatever the mud mixed in.
        let it settle, let it settle:
               steep, make of silence
                       a tea.
          the sun looks on,
              whatever the weather's been doing.
                      tea,  transparent,
          elegantly poured into worldly cups.
              tea ceremony's exactitude.
           for the proper serving of tea,
                       ah, simply be
    a fine cup of tea,
          a true death poem,                   
                       much alike:
              suggestive as to scent & flavor,
                   dwelling with us, then gone.


partake of this scent together, goddess and lover
         who make a human tea
                  brewed from his worship
                          of the delicacy
                                       of her smile.

Barry Spacks

If you've any views about his tea poems, Barry Spacks would like to hear them.

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