Cat Purrs

Soft nursing
5 solid minutes
of purr
paw pedalling
like a kayak competitor
against ripples of my
60 year old river rib cage -
I feel like a nursing mother
but I'm male and I have no nipples.
Sometimes I feel afloat.
Nikki is a little black skunk,
kitten, suckles me for milk,
or affection?
But she is 8 years old a cat.
I'm her substitute mother,
afloat in a flower bed of love,
and I give back affection
freely unlike a money exchange.
Done, I go to the kitchen, get out
Fancy Feast, gourmet salmon, shrimp,
a new work day begins.

Michael Lee Johnson

If you have any comments on this poem, Michael Lee Johnson would be pleased to hear them.

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