Next Time, I'll
Be the Bank

Look, someone has to lose.
But I always win. It's sort of a defining trait for me.
It doesn't matter what you land on
You need to buy it and then you need to repeat
And then after you have a couple of key clutches
You need convince the weakest link to make a deal:
Look into their eyes and you'll
Say a red for a yellow; because once you have
A first monopoly the spiraling advantage sucks you forward
And besides, you should know that Illinois Avenue
Is the square most landed upon. But this time I didn't win.
I really think that someone else was cheating, I really do.
I just have this winning proclivity so when
I don't hit it
I know that something's really wrong. Consequently,
I'm going to the board with this one.
I'll make you blush, of that I'm sure.

Francis Raven

Recently, Francis Raven ( set some kids loose to generate the next million dollar game; over half of them ended in -opoly. His website is

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