On the Effect
of Friction
and Gravity

The hard and wild
inside him demands
her painted bauble;
she submits in urgent need to
fly it fast.
He hurries with the whipcord,
spends his all on the string
to fling her toy a marriage
of force and resistance.
Yang and yin of spin
conjoin in furious
blurring and buzzing
along a floor.
At last, the axis begins
collapsing, the
frenzied gyro spirals
down its splendid death.
The motion goes on
wandering an unseen
equation through
her coil,
rotating a diminutive
planet he set spinning in
her void.

Susan Koefod

Susan Koefod (skoefod@hotmail.com) wants it known she was nowhere near the Conservatory, that was not her with Professor Plum and she has no further comments on a lead pipe.

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