Word Games
Oh hi I was
spelling long words.
My long name is
S-o-p-h-i-a. I want
to sing my long song.
It's very short. Well let's
sing long song long song
I love long words
That was great! Let’s list
some long words.
Airplane, broccoli,
country, dinosaur, enough,
father, grade, Hollywood,
ice cream, jumprope, kan-
garoo, letter, myself,
nobody, other, pretty,
quiet, rocket, summer,
today, under, volcano, winter,
yellow, x-ray, zipper.

Sophia Cardullo

Sophia Cardullo (ahcardullo@yahoo.com) wrote this when she was in second grade. She is now in third grade and
loves to play games like “Allowance” and “Twister.”

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