The thrill was proximate and sexual;
blue, yellow, red, green—circled chastity;
you were allowed to twist, spiral and curl,
breathe face to face, move tantalizingly,
go butt to butt and leg to leg. When young,
even at church youth outings, you could twine,
feel sexual thrills without sex, your arm slung
between her thighs, and then you would combine
in such a way your cheek was on her breasts,
your hand touching her toosh. And all the while
you laughed—guffawed as legs and feet were stretched,
the game legitimizing prehensile
engagement; grabbing, groping sanctified
on a sheet of circles, four by five feet wide.

David W. Landrum

As a child, David W. Landrum ( spent hours playing Tickle Bee
and Chinese Checkers.

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