Ten Riddle Poems

In my youth I stayed up half the night;
Instead of growing I declined in height.
My future's dim, but my past was bright.

In Greek my name is similar to fire.
Unlike the apple, I've started nothing dire.
Women with my hips evoke desire.

When I broke from my coffin I flew,
as some claim the soul does, toward the blue.
Turned around, my name says what I do.

Their rendered fat's a fine flavor enhancer.
Ask them a question; they'll give a silly answer;
and that's their scientific name: anser.

In me youth and beauty seem to last.
I seize the day but cling to the past.
I show what's lost but cannot bring it back.

I'm slender, but I'll make you put on weight.
I pile my Gallic charm upon your plate;
hard to admit how many of me you ate.

Instead of cooling you, it makes you hot
then sends you running for the neti pot.
In its grip you feel the end is near, but it's not.

It's not that they have gray skin, big heads, large eyes;
it's that they might be hungry and unfriendly guys.
Signaling hello to them may not be wise.

When you're lonely, we will walk with you.
But choose us well: to your soul be true.
With every step, we'll shape your point of view.

Quite a waste of time I've come to be,
wrecking your peace with work, friends, and pornography.
Still, ten times a day you visit me. 

Lynn Levin

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