On a day when nothing else happened
Before house and home
A time before yard
But not before dog
With no fathers to cry
Plenty of uncles
Making the trek
Friends and acquaintances
Gathered for no other reason
But the best reason
Most people overjoyed
A few sticks in the mud
With no reversal
Exit strategy
Or end plan to speak of
The way to combine
Making others happy
Building a hill of contentment
Used now or later
Hedging a bet
With nothing but science
Which sides with no one
Starting a garden
Letting it tend itself
Borrowing stories
To guide the journey
But only so far
Taking it personally
For no other reason
Than it is the most personal
In your face
Experience for ever and ever
With coverage and benefits
Some tallied some stumbled upon
But always enjoyed


Gary Dubola Memi

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