Regulating Shadows
Yes, shadows creep
Have they something to hide?
When morning starts
They are all out front
Distorting the shapes that hide them
Few of us are up or care
Behind our coffee cups
If shadows are overly accurate.

As the sun rises
Shadows are not so bold
Their patron  shapes
Give a knowing look
More concerned with
Their own sun lit edges.

High noon creates panic
Shadows crouch, hiding from
The fierce Regulator’s
Demand for clarity
And precise definitions
Until your eyes burn
Not daring to look
At it’s truthful glare.

When the heat’s off and
shadows regain their effrontery
Lengthening and taunting
The undone sun.

Yet shadows only
Creep so far before called
To account once more

A grim satisfaction to the sun
Goading it to return
Giving resurgent shadows
A fair chance to rest
And maybe regain their shape.

L. Fullington


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