Negative Space

I would cast in bronze this space,
a fossil from my past, a moment
where I once crouched, smiling
over some small natural wonder.
Fill the cavity, the child shaped cyst
which sticks fool hardily amongst my memories,
the moment just before I was displaced
and took to tearing at my self in shame.
For sake of sanity, display it
so I can look upon it
and know that it existed.

Make of it a Pompeii tomb,
the moment of my childish wonder
exhume the tiny space in time when I was glad
to have inhabited my little life. Solidify
her shape with concrete. So I might tip-toe my fingers
blindly down the ridges of her back
and recognise her once again.


Wendy Pratt

If you have any comments on this poem, Wendy Pratt would like to hear them.


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