'a bite at dawn'

exception to the rule of clear sky
streaks of deep purple cloud
leaking pink into low layers of dawn
two thirds of a waning moon
reflecting on the fact of Venus
brightly whitely visible still
two bells of light one gilded bronze
and large the other silver tiny
owls calling out and a couple of
black woodpeckers sounds peppered
with a touch of finches robins and some
other unidentified flying objectors
to the presence of two dogs
slinking through low shadows of high ferns
that I was thinking of nature's early manifestations
memories surfaced of her stripping
a private performance culminating
in her sitting down by a table
and picking up a slim knife
and an apple deftly peeled and sliced
an eighth part of it dropped
into her naked lap and wedged
where her thighs met Mons Veneris
she picked it up and held it out
to me and I ignored the warning sign
scrawled by a brightly red pubic hair
and brought it to my mouth and bit

Levi Wagenmaker

If you've any comments about this poem, Levi Wagenmaker would be pleased to hear them.

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