Translated by Hassan Abdulrazzak
The body, or a voice claiming to speak on its behalf, said:
‘You are free now. Go’
The eyes soared into the sky, joining countless others;
they almost blocked out the sun.
The lips parted without goodbyes. The upper, seeking a new face,
The lower, another lip to hear its laments.
The exhausted tongue sought refuge in the mouths of the dumb.
The hands clapped and waved as they departed.
The right leg shook with fear then hurried after its partner.
The nose fell to the ground....and so on.
Only the heart remained, alone, beating, until
A foot, lost, crushed it.

Sinan Antoon

Sinan is an Iraqi poet, novelist, academic and translator. His novel I'Jaam: An Iraqi Rhapsody can be purchased from Amazon.

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