Sevenling with a Trampoline

Like an eye, a black trampoline with an
aquamarine crash pad. A girl in a
crimson T and a ginger jumping dog.

The long legged daughter, flying, clapping.
The leaping dog barking with ears-a-flapping,
and watching from an ivy smothered wall,

the black eyed stare of a Robin.

Sevenling with a Barmaid

Another three bet night. Three dogs.Three races.
Every one a loser. Retire to the pub.
Sink say, several, pints down. Leaning on the bar.

Chatting up the bar maid in a push-up bra
and a bright red dress. Turning on the charm.
My Clinton joke makes her laugh. I hear a shout.

Her husband throws me out.

Clive Birnie

If you have any comments on this poem, Clive Birnie would be pleased to hear from you.