The Man at St. Ives

There was this chap in a line of chaps,
facing the open sea. Cherubic. Squat.
Mr. Toad in cap and jeans. He'd spent his life
on boats, or so we guessed — mackerel, haddock,
sole. Brows salt-crusted. Ruddy-cheeked.
A man who enjoyed a home-cooked meal.
Cock-a-Leekie. Bubble & Squeak. Who knew
his Sunday roast, pints of good brown beer.
A man who'd've gone unnoticed, one in a flock
of Herring gulls speckling a low-tide beach.
Until—voice competing, almost losing
to wind and surf—Bonxie! Bonxie moving
left to right! (a rare bird lifting into view).

Martha Silano

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