Cat v. Regina

The common cat, surveying monarchy,
will do so with disinterest, its eye
eschewing killing curiosity  -
something the Press could learn  (and you and I).

The cat conveys a spiritual calm;
that kingdoms rise and wane can’t touch its heart.
As long as this crowned head does it no harm
a human private life’s a thing apart.

No voyeuristic instincts drive the cat  -
no who-did-what to whom, or when, or why.
A butler, queen or king are merely  -  that,
united in the same equality.

A cat’s above the media’s lurid screams  -
their Spot-the-Royal-Sin, the dirt they dish  -
and finds its consolation in Zen dreams
and powers of philosophy  (and fish).

D.  A.  Prince

If you have any comments on this poem, D. A. Prince would be pleased to hear them.